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COABE Zamira Flat Top Kabuki Brush
£18.95  Only £12.99 Today
For a limited time we're giving away the COABE Zamira flat top kabuki brush with more than 30% OFF the usual price!

Renowned for it's flawless coverage and the airbrushed finish it gives to foundations. With more than 60,000 women now using the brush, we know you'll love it too...

To prove it to you, we are giving a very limited number of these incredible brushes away at 30% OFF (whilst stocks last) so you can experience the difference for yourself!
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COABE Flat Top Kabuki Explained:
  • High Quality Materials: High Density Micro Synthetic Fibers
  • ​​Acne, Blemishes, Rosacea, Thread veins, or other skin conditions? This kabuki is perfect for either a light, medium or full coverage (that looks like flawless skin!)
  • Solid Wood Handle with Double Crimped Aluminium Ferrule
  • Does Not Shed! Even after cleaning!
  • Works with all makeup, including liquids, minerals, and powders; does not soak up excessive amounts of product like other applicators
  • Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free
Customer Comments:
Delivers a Flawless Finish Using Less Product
(No More Caked On Foundation!)
Acne... Covered Flawlessly!
Rosacea & Redness... Flawless!
Boosts Confidence So You Can Look & Feel Beautiful
(Don't Be Surprised When Others Notice The Difference!)
"OMG!!! I look like a model"
"It really is a life changer"
"For the first time ever my makeup looks flawless"
"This is the best brush I've EVER used!"
Acne? Scars? Rosacea? Large Pores? Dark Under-Eyes?
(Experience Flawlessness... That's What We Do Best!)
"You won't be disappointed"
"Definitely lived up to expectations"
"So much kinder to the skin"
"Love the results"
So Good, You'll Want Everyone To Experience It!
(Our Customers Give The Gift Of Confidence To Those They Love!)
"I bought 2 more for my daughters"
"love love love..."
"I bought one for my daughter too"
"Amazing... I bought three...."
Friends Don't Let Friends Use Anything Else
(Yes, They Really Do Work That Well!)
(Don't Worry, Most People Are... Until They Try The Brush For Themselves! )
"I am THE biggest sceptic ever... I cannot thank you enough"
"Didn't think this would actually work... Thankyou, it's brilliant!"
"It really is amazing, I use less foundation than before"
"So glad I bought 2..."
Our Mission
Here's Why We're Giving This Special Offer Today...
As a woman with a condition known as PCOS, I get the good fortune of having cystic acne, struggling with weight gain and even excessive hair loss (Yay for me LOL!)

The beauty industry wasn't created for people like me...

It's hell bent on size 8 models, perfect physiques, flawless skin and Photoshop filters.

From a young age we're led to believe anything outside of that isn't beautiful and left wishing we looked like our favorite celebrity or random stranger in a magazine!

I believe it's time for a change.

All women are beautiful with and without makeup! We need to see real women with real skin showing their real results.

It's crazy that we have an industry hell bent on selling products to us by making us feel insecure about the way we look and the skin we are in. 

I believe women should build each others confidence, not help destroy it and that is why I started COABE (which stands for Confidence And Beauty)... 

I could have never imagined when I began developing my first makeup brush that today, 5 years later, more than 60,000 women in the UK are now using them to achieve that flawless finish every time.

Which brings me to you today...

For a limited time I'm giving all new customers a huge 30% OFF so that you can experience the difference for yourself at a huge discount.

This makeup brush is perfect for light, medium and full coverage applications – that doesn't look caked on!

It will never leave your foundation uneven or patchy – that's a promise.

Our brush is made from only the finest quality high density micro-synthetic fibres (NO ANIMAL HAIR - VEGAN FRIENDLY & CRUELTY FREE!) 

It provides you with a flawless and seamless makeup application every time by giving you a better coverage where you need it, blurring enlarged pores and buffing the product in to the skin for a more even, airbrushed finish. All whilst using less of your foundation! 

Best of all, it doesn't shed its bristles even after extensive use or cleaning.

These brushes usually sell for £18.95 - But today we’re going to give it to you for more than 30% OFF!

But be warned, we sell out all the time and can only keep this special offer running for a limited period of time...

Right now we have stock and can rush a delivery out right away!

So, Why would we do this discount you ask?

Simple - To promote COABE :-)

I'm confident that you will love this brush so much that you'll be a customer for life and perhaps want more of our products sometime on our store.

The flat top kabuki brush allows nothing to stand between you and your flawless makeup application.

Imagine perfect foundation all day, every day 24/7.

It works with all makeup, including creams, liquids, minerals as well as powders and does not soak up your product like other makeup applicators on the market.

I can't wait to hear about the difference it makes to you soon!

Robyn xoxo

"Covers my redness and Roasacea so easily, I don't even need to use concealer anymore and my skin just looks flawless! I have tried everything and nothing makes me look and feel the way this brush does. I can't recommend them enough! my friend saw my results and bought one straight away"
-Terri- Anne Walker
"The brush arrived so quickly and I am completely blown away by how flawless this makes me look! all my blemishes are completely covered but it just looks like flawless skin instead of thick caked up makeup. One VERY happy customer"
-Neesha Cooper
"I can't believe how much coverage I get with such little amount of product now. It saves me a fortune in foundation and my skin looks incredible."
- Hannah Culley
"After 2 weeks using the Zamira brush I've thrown my old brush in the bin. it's not even in the same league! I would never use anything else now, I feel amazing!"
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